[RANK]Are you a new First Class Scout?

If so, then your best years of Scouting are now in front of you!  You studied hard while learning a lot about what it takes to be a Scout and you may be asking yourself, "What's next?"  This is a good (and fair) question!  First, you might want to visit the Troops Web Pages more often.  You will find the latest information about Merit Badges and Eagle Projects here.  Second, you probably ought to check out the "First to Life" Web Page.  Most importantly, have FUN!  And, if things start to get boring or "old hat" - THEN CHANGE IT!  This is a boy run/led organization - DO YOUR PART TO MAKE IT SO! 

Here are a few things to consider now that you are a First Class Scout:

  1. You Need to Have a Leadership Position:  Some examples include being a Patrol Leader or Quartermasters Assistant.  Also, being a Den Chief for a Cub Scout Den is a good idea (maybe your old Pack?).  There is Leadership Training and Den Chief Training available in the Fall.  Watch the Web Pages for more information.
  2. You need to be working on Merit Badges:  There are a total of 21 Merit Badges required for Eagle and 11 of those are "Eagle Required".  Here is a list of those Merit Badges:  First Aid; Citizenship in the Community; Citizenship in the Nation; Citizenship in the World; Communications; Personal Fitness; Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving; Environmental Science; Personal Management; Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling; Camping; and Family Life.  Most Eagle Required Merit Badges are available through Summer or Winter Camp; Advancement Day; Merit Badge College; or through the Troops own "Merit Badge of the Month" Program.  Relax and don't worry about all these Merit Badges.  You will have plenty of time and opportunity to earn each one.  Some, like Personal Management and Family Life, are usually more meaningful when earned as a 14, 15 or even a 16 year old.  You will receive counseling along the way to help you determine the best time to work on these badges.
  3. Meet with your First to Life Counselor:  In August, you will be assigned to a Counselor.  This experienced Adult Scouter will help guide you along your Trail to Eagle.  Your Counselor will provide your Scoutmaster Conference prior to your taking your Star Board.  Your Counselor will meet with you in a planned meeting once every two or three months or whenever you schedule some time to discuss your progress.
  4. Show Scout Spirit:  The best way to show the rest of the Troop Scout Spirit is to attend as many Troop functions as possible.  Monday Meetings are mandatory (especially if you are a Patrol Leader or Quartermasters Assistant).  Most campouts should be a priority.  Remember, you are the experienced Scout now, and the newer Scouts will be looking up to you for guidance. 

The goal of Troop 486's Adult Leadership is to do everything possible to assure YOUR continued success in Scouting.  However, we cannot do the work for you.  Earning Eagle IS a tough and rough road, however, it is NOT impossible (as Troop 486's Eagle Scouts will tell you!).  Hard work is what it takes - and you've proven already that you can do that by earning your First Class!  Now:  It's Onward and Upward!