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New Scout Training Campout

This Troop 486 training event offers parents of first year scouts the opportunity to learn many of the skills needed for camping with Troop 486.  Parents are divided into patrols, just like the boys, and work together to set up camp, cook meals (provided) and have fun together.

Round robin training offers an outstanding introduction to outdoor cooking, packing a backpack, first aid, poisonous plants, map & compass, knots and ropes, and youth rank advancement.

After the Saturday evening campfire, the new parents are asked to join the instructors for refreshments and a presentation on being an adult in Troop 486.  Parents who have attended have expressed great satisfaction with the time spent.

Fall 2006


New Leader Essentials

This training is to provide new Assistant Scoutmasters (and those soon to become Assistant Scoutmasters) with essential information on the Scouting program.  Information will include:  The role of the Scoutmaster (and assistants), Troop Meeting and Organization, Patrol Leader's Council (Troop Leadership Corps), Nuts & bolts of the outdoor program, Advancement, and Finances.

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Introduction To Outdoor Leader Skills

The Occeneechee Council invites new adult leaders to participate in this course, a fun-filled program of hands on skills training in the outdoors, designed to help you master basic camp skills required for Tenderfoot to First Class.

Instructors will help you learn how to set up camp, cook, work with wood tools, knots, first aid, planning campfire programs, map and compass skills, hiking and packing techniques, nature identification, and Leave No Trace.  Each outdoor session will bring to life the pages in the Boy Scout Handbook to help you deliver the promise of scouting to yourself and the youth you serve.  It will increase your comfort level and give you confidence as a trained, skilled leader.  The program will also give you the opportunity to work with other Scout Leaders from your area, meet new friends, and reinforce skill techniques with fellow unit leaders.

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Wood Badge

Wood Badge is advanced training for adult leaders in all programs, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturing.  There are two parts to Wood Badge.

The first part is the two 3-day weekends, or one week, of practical experience where you have an opportunity to learn skills and concepts that underlie the fire themes of Wood Badge for the 21st Century:

Bringing the Vision to Life
Models for Success
Tools of the Trade
Leading to Make a Difference
Living the Values

The second part is a plan to apply what you learned in the practical course.  You will create and carry out a plan of action.  When that action is complete, you earn the recognition, beads, neckerchief, and woggle, that are the Wood Badge.

Who Should Attend?

Scout leaders learn how to do their jobs through a number of courses offered at the district and council levels.  Wood Badge is a comprehensive training course started by Robert S.S Baden-Powell, founder of Boy Scouts, to help leaders hone their skills, extend their understanding of boys and of other adults, and go on to new levels of personal growth and learning as Scouters.

Wood Badge for the 21st Century melds the best parts of prior courses in a way that benefits all leaders, whether they are involved mostly in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts or Venturing.

Another way of saying it is, everyone should attend after attending basic training and working within their unit for a period of time, and Scout leaders have the opportunity!

Spring 2005

See Dwayne Carter for
   more information.

Online Training

Once you complete one of these training courses please send an email to to let him know that you have completed the course.  We keep this information in TroopMaster, the troop database.

Youth Protection Training

This training is an important component of the Boy Scouts of America's strategy to protect its members from child abuse. Child abuse is a serious problem in American society. There are over 3 million reported cases of child abuse each year, including a half a million cases of child sexual abuse. As the nation's largest youth-serving organization, the Boy Scouts of America has a unique opportunity to make an impact on this societal problem.

Boy Scout - Fast Start Leader Training

When new leaders join Scouting, it is essential that they receive immediate information that will help them get started and lay the groundwork for success in their leadership roles. This will help new leaders to understand what is expected and to establish effective meeting patterns so that the boys and their families can enjoy a quality program from the start.

Fast Start training is a short video-based training program designed to fulfill this need. It should be viewed within 48 hours of when a new leader accepts the position. While a new leader can view the tape alone, it may be helpful for a knowledgeable Scouter from the Pack, Troop, or District to view the tape with him or her to establish personal contact and answer any questions.

Guide To Safe Scouting

To prepare adult leaders to conduct Scouting activities in a safe and prudent manner, the Guide to Safe Scouting presents policies and guidelines to protect members from known hazards that have been identified through over eighty years of experience.